Marjorie Moore Studio/Artwork from Collections
The cabinet of wonder or wunderkammer is a subject that has long been of interest to me. Wunderkammers were the early incarnation of the museums we know today. The wonder-cabinets of the 16th and 17th centuries housed diverse and wondrous objects collected by the wealthy. These wonder-cabinets were not collections as we moderns know them—intent upon creating order by systemizing the previously unknown. Rather, their purpose was to showcase the complex collections, regardless of species or category, of the explorer/collector.

The continuing interest,( perhaps passion is a better word), for objects both found and collected is an arena that I have mined in several exhibits. Labyrinth, Categories under Construction at Texas State University, 2009; Remains, and A Different Order at DBerman Gallery, 2006, 2008; Categories, Collections, and a Cabinet of Wonder at Women and Their Work, 1999, and Collected Response with Steve Wiman at Flatbed Press in 2003.
In all of these exhibits I expand the accepted realm of taxonomies to include the scientific, the plaything, the detritus of decay, and the strange.
The latest incarnation of this subject is in continuous process in my studio. In Wall Cabinet I am sourcing both new and old works to create yet another narrative related to my interests and collections.